Top 10 Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Make Money in 2020

Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Make Money in 2020

Top Blogging Niches in 2020

If you are thinking to start a blog, and you do not know on which subject we should start a blog or you also have a topic, but you are not sure that it will work or not?

For the success of any blog, it is very important to choose a good Niches, do you know that choosing a blog Niches is much harder than starting a blog. If you have chosen the wrong Niches then your blog will never be successful.

So we should find a good Niches before starting any blog, and it does not require much hard work or much work. And if you want to know how to find a Niches for any blog and what is a blog, then you can read this article, Today I will share some blogging Niches with you, which is really beneficial for you.

And if you are struggling to start a blog for the first time, I will also share with you some tips, which will help you a lot in starting a blog, And I will share some blogging Niches with you at the same time.

What is Blog Niches?

A blog Niches is a specific topic that you write on your blog.

What is a blog, why should we do blogging.

Blog is not just a way to make money, if you are starting a blog with the aim of making money then you can never be successful, blog means your thoughts if you want to share your ideas with the world, You can come to this field.

Why We Should Choose Blogging Niches

When starting a blog, you have to choose Blogging Niches, that what you know, And that information you share with the world, so you should stick to a Niches, So that people understand about your blog, and by doing this, people who are interested in one of your posts, They are more likely to be interested in all your other posts.

When someone starts a new blog and does not find the blogging Niches and starts blogging, they write about one topic in the beginning day and then jump to another topic the next day.

For example
Today you write about technology, then you write about someone's biography tomorrow, and then start writing about jobs the next day. So in this way you can never be successful in the world of blogging. For this, you have to target a Niches and targeted audience.

If your blog is on technology, then you should share the posts related to the same and target people related to the technology.

Some tips for deciding on your blog's niches

When you choose a blog, you must pay attention to some very important things such as,

  • Make sure it’s profitable.
  • Do market research.
  • Pick a topic you enjoy talking about.

Top 10 Popular Blog Niches That Drive Traffic and Make Money in 2020

1. Biography
2. Health
3. Lifestyle
4. Frugal Living
5. Movie Review
6. Sewing
7. Parenting Blog
8. New Born
9. Song Lyrics Blog
10. Job Update Blog

Sub- Category          Traffic 

DSLR Cameras 20,000
Speakers 12,700
Security Cameras 15,900
Air purifier 1,700
Water heater 7,100
Headphones 20,900
Air cooler 9,600
Air Conditioners 26,800
Washing Machine 20,800
4k television 2,600
Smart tv 1,100
Home theater system 4,800
Inverter Batteries 4,600
Led television 6,800
Set top box 2,900
Camera 1,300
Projectors 1,800

Sub- Category          Traffic 

Sewing Machines1,800
Room Heater2,000
Gas stoves4,900
Sewing machines1,800
Kitchen chimney8,800
Induction cook top2,500
Roti maker1,700

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