How to start blog in 2020

How to start blog in 2020 and Make Money

If you are thinking to start a blog, and you do not know how we should start a blog, then you are at the right place.

To create any blog, it is very important to choose a good blog name and web hosting, do you know that starting a blog is much harder than choosing its name and blogging niches.

So we should find a good name and a niches before starting any blog, and it does not require much hard work or much work. And if you want to know how to start any blog and what is a blog, then you can read this article of ours, which can be really beneficial for you.

And if you are struggling to start a blog for the first time, then I will also share some tips with you, which will help you a lot in starting a blog.

And at the same time, the names of the companies providing the best hosting and domain services will also be shared.

What is a blog?

Blog means your thoughts. If you want to share your thoughts with the world, and if you like writing, the blog is a great place to do so. And you can come to this area.

Why should we do blogging?

  • A blog is not just a way to make money, if you are starting a blog with the aim of earning money then you can never be successful.

  • We should do blogging to share our knowledge and thoughts.

  • We must do blogging to create our brand and our image in the Digital world.

  • If you want to write, and you love writing, a blog is the best place for it.

How much does a blog cost?

If you also think that how much will it cost to start blogging?
So the total cost to start a blog can range from $ 5 to $ 14 per month. But this cost will come when you buy your hosting. And if you start your blog with, then you only have to pay the domain charge, which will be about $ 10 per year.

What is the best platform to start a blog?

The best platform to start a blog is wordpress and blogger, but I would recommend the wordpress platform to start a blog. If you start the blog with wordpress, you will get a lot of plugins for free there, which will be very useful for your blog.

These 5 steps are required to start a blog.

  • 1.Blog Name (Domain Name)
  • 2.Bloging Niches
  • 3.Best Hosting 
  • 4.Customize your blog
  • 5.Write Content for blog 

Step1.Blog Name (Domain Name)
A domain name is the identity of any blog and website. Users access your website through a domain on the Internet. And with the help of domain name, we access a blog or website on the Internet. You can also keep domain names by combining letters and numbers. The domain name must be registered before the domain can be used. And each domain name is different from each other. No websites can have the same domain name.
If a user types, it will go to your website and not someone else's.

Type of domain
There are many types of domain according to its extensions, which includes .com, .net, .in, .org, .gov etc. at the top.

Some good company names that provide domain names.

7. 1 & 1
9. InMotion Hosting
10. Domains.Google

Step2.Bloging Niches

What is Blog Niches?

A blog Niches is a specific topic that you write on your blog.

Why We Should Choose Blogging Niches

When starting a blog, you have to choose Blogging Niches, that what you know, And that information you share with the world, so you should stick to a Niches, So that people understand about your blog, and by doing this, people who are interested in one of your posts, They are more likely to be interested in all your other posts.

When someone starts a new blog and does not find the blogging Niches and starts blogging, they write about one topic in the beginning day and then jump to another topic the next day.

For example
Today you write about technology, then you write about someone's biography tomorrow, and then start writing about jobs the next day. So in this way you can never be successful in the world of blogging. For this, you have to target a Niches and targeted audience.

If your blog is on technology, then you should share the posts related to the same and target people related to the technology.

Some tips for deciding on your blog's niches

When you choose a blog, you must pay attention to some very important things such as,

  • Make sure it’s profitable.
  • Do market research.
  • Pick a topic you enjoy talking about.

Step3.Best Hosting 

What is Web Hosting?

A service that allows a website to be published on the Internet is called web hosting. Website publishers can be anyone. You must have a domain to host a website. And that domain is hosted on a special computer called a server. The server is a high-quality computer. Meaning one server is equal to one hundred computers. When an Internet user searches your website through your domain through a browser, hosting helps to reach it.

How many type of Hosting 

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

Best Web Hosting Providers company names

  • Bluehost 
  • SiteGround 
  • HostGator 
  • A2 Hosting 
  • Hostinger 
  • GoDaddy 
  • WebHostingBuzz
  • iPage 
  • DreamHost 
  • GreenGeeks
Bluehost is a very good company that offers hosting cheaply, its plan is slightly more expensive than the rest of the hosting company but if spoken in terms of service, then it is a very good company. Hosting of this company is used by almost all the big bloggers, so if you also want to buy, then you can easily buy hosting of this company by clicking on the banner below.

How to choose a web hosting provider

If your blog is new and Traffic is very low, ie between 100 and 500 a day, then you should stay with shared hosting, as it is a good option at a low cost, and And when the traffic on your website starts increasing, then you will migrate it to cloud or vps hosting.

Step4.Customize your blog
As soon as you install your domain and wordpress in the hosting. After that you have to login with this url

After that you will reach the wordpress administrator area. And from there you can completely customize your blog. And if you are brand new and If you are not able to Customize , then you can watch videos on YouTube.

Step5.Write Content for blog 
As soon as you have finished customizing, Then you just have to concentrate on writing content, and when writing content you have to take care of many things.

1. Research the keywords whenever you write content
2. While writing content, be sure to pay attention to seo
3. Do not copy paste content anywhere

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