Top 10 Easy Google Adsense approval trick 2019

Top Best Google Adsense approval trick 2019

If you want to know how to get approval of Adsense, then you can read this article, today we will tell you 10 ways through which you will get Adsense approval easily.

New bloggers, as soon as they create a blog, they want to get Adsense approval as soon as possible and start wishing money, but in this desire, they do not pay attention to their blog and their account is not approved. Adsense is very different from the rest of the advertisment company, and is considered better than the rest of the advertiser company because it pays the best over all. This is Google's company, that's why its rule is more strict than others, so when you start a blog, be sure to take care of these things so that you get the approval of adsense as soon as possible. So let's know what are 10 ways that we should follow while creating our blog.

List of Google Adsense approval trick 2019

  1. Write High-Quality Contents for Your New Blog
  1. Write Sufficient Contents or Posts
  1. Avoid for write Illegal Content
  1. Avoid copyright material
  1. Do not use Other Ad Networks
  1. Buy Top Level Domain
  1. Enter all these pages
  1. Language Support
  1. Blog Domain Age
  1. Don’t Buy Visitors

Easy Adsense Account Approval Tips&Trick

Write High-Quality Contents For New blog

Content means the post you are sharing with readers. If your post is new and different from other, unique and is not copied elsewhere, it is called High-Quality Contents.

More people who create new blogs think that they will copy someone's posts and modify them, but it does not come under the scope of high-quality contents and we will not give you such advice, so you always write new posts. There should be no further problem.

Write Sufficient Contents or Post for Blog

Before applying for Adsense, it is necessary to write at least 30-40 posts on your blog as it is necessary to have enough posts in your blog. And whichever post you have written should be a post of at least 300-500 words, the more words you post, the better it will be for you and you will get approval quickly.

Avoid for write Illegal Content

If you have posts related to adult content, gambling, hacking, drug abuse on your website, then remove these most related posts from your blog and do not write or promote any such post on your blog because Google does not like all these things, otherwise, you will never be able to take approval from Adsense.

Avoid copyright material

If you have to use an image, video from the Internet for your blog, then you cannot use it directly in your blog. Because it is not yours. If you want to use it, you can use it by giving them credit or by modifying something.

Do not use Other Ad Networks

If you are already using someone else's advertisement in your blog, then remove them before applying to Adsense, there are many ad networks in the digital world. If you use any one of those advertisements, then you may have trouble with adsense approval.

Enter all these pages

For Adsense Approval, it is necessary to have some pages in your blog, including about Us, Contact Us, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc., all these pages are necessary for a blog, all these things let Google know about your blog. And doing so increases the chances of getting adsense approval.

Buy Top Level Domain

Always buy high level domains, including. .com, .in, .org, etc. If you use a domain with such an extension then you will not face any problem in adsense approval.

Language Support

Adsense only supports some languages, including English and Hindi, if you create a blog in any of these languages, then you will get the account approval.

Blog Domain Age

According to Google Adsense, your blog must be at least 3 to 6 months old, do not apply for Adsense before that. Because the chances of getting approval are very less and there will be no use anyway because the number of visitors to your blog will be very less.

Don’t Buy Visitors

Adsense does not like paid traffic, if your blog has organic traffic, or comes from social networking sites, then only your account will be approved, if you buy traffic for your blog then you have to forget Adsense.

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