How to Check spam score and How to fix Website Spam Score

How to Check spam score and Reduce Website Spam Score 

If the traffic on your blog is very low and your blog is not ranking, then check the spam score of your blog or website.

For the success of any blog, it is very important to create its backlinks, but if you are getting the same backlink from a spam website then it can damage your blog's ranking a lot.

If the spam score is high then it affects your website ranking. The disadvantage of having a high spam score is that Google penalizes your site and reduces its ranking to a great extent. After that, your blog or website will never rank as much as you try, no matter how much off-page and on-page seo you do, and as long as you don't reduce your blog's spam score, the blog will never rank on google.

Therefore, we should always keep checking the spam score of our blog, and this does not require much effort or much work. And if you want to know how to check the spam score of any blog and what is the website spam score, then you can read this article of ours, today we will tell you about some websites from where you can use your blog Spam scores can be easily checked and which actually work, and if you do this, within a few days, your blog's spam score will be very reduce.

What is a spam score?

Spam score is a type of rating, developed in 2015 by SEO data and software company Moz. The spam score depends on the website backlink and content.
Spam scores are basically, a way of measuring the quality of website data that depends on the point of your blog, which ranges between 0-17. And it is also divided into 3 parts, which include 0 to 4, which is a good spam score and 5 to 7 which will not affect much, but it is also a bad spam score and includes the last 8-17 points, Which is very dangerous for any blog.

Website Spam Score Checker List:

Website SEO Checker-
Small SEO Tools-

With the help of these websites you can easily check the spam score of your blog, using it you can easily check the spam score of the blog.

There are many tools to easily check the spam score of the blog including Moz, Website SEO Checker, Small SEO Tools etc.

So first we know about how to check spam score from moz.
First you click Moz Website link on this link, and then copy and paste the url of your blog there, then click on the search button, after that you will be asked to signup, and signup there, after which you will An email will be done, after that as soon as you click there, a page will open, as you see in the photo.

After that there you will see spam score in the navigation menu on the left, click on it. This way you can easily check your blog's spam score by moz.

Now we know about how to check spam score from smallseotools.

First you click on this link smallseotools, and then copy and paste the url of your blog there, and add the target keyword, then click on check seo score, then a page will open there, as you see in the photo. Used to be.

After that scroll down and you will see the option of Domain Authority Checker as shown in the photo, you can check your spam score by clicking on it.

What is a good spam score?

As you can see in the photo, the spam score is divided into three parts.

If the spam score on your blog is between 0-4, then it is a good spam score as shown in green color.
If the spam score on your blog is between 5-7 spam scores, then these scores are not good for your blog.
If your blog has a spam score of 8-17 then it is very dangerous and it can affect your blog ranking, it needs to be reduced very soon.

How to reduce website spam score

The spam score depends on the website's backlink and the internal link to the content. If the reason for increased spam score is bad or spam backlink,
To mitigate this, you must first detect those bad and spam backlinks. And to find out, you use the Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz tool. It also has a good option Ahrefs tool, through which you can easily find bad backlinks. After that, make a list of all those bad backlinks, and save the list with a dot txt file.

After this you can also remove one by one from Google Webmaster Tools. And you can also remove all links simultaneously, for this you have to use Google Disavow Links.
First open the Google Disavow Links tools.
Select your website here, from which you want to remove the backlink. And click on the Disavow Links button.
After this upload the list of bad backlinks file and click on submit button.
In this way you can easily remove bad or spam backlinks and reduce spam scores.

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